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Zuri Asteroth (Deadman)

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1 Zuri Asteroth (Deadman) on Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:28 am

Zuri Asteroth new deadman taken and sent to G Block of Deadman wonderland. He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is moderately build but no real muscle tone and stands at about 5'7". He is 17 years of age and was abandoned by his parents when he was young so he has taken care of him self since.

Abilities of blood:
Able to control his blood to form into different forms.

Reason for being sent to Deadman Wonderland:
Was sent to Deadman Wonderland after being in a train and being mugged in the train when he killed the men and a couple other people that saw what was going on. He was unable to remember what happened on the train and pleaded innocent.

Deadman Nickname: None

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